Vision Trilingual Preschool is aimed at young children aged 18 months to 5 years old. 

Infant program coming soon this year! Contact us for more information regarding the timeline.

Three languages are lived daily in our establishment and among these, English is still the language of immersion.

The second language is Spanish and the third language is French.

In the United States of America, the Vision Preschool establishments expose their children to a double immersion context where both English and Spanish are used equally throughout the day.

At Vision Trilingual Preschool, our facility is equipped with furniture and material specifically adapted to the Vision approach. Thematic activities, workshops, psychomotor development, and many other activities that stimulate the children’s imagination are at the heart of our daily activities.

Our facility includes a mini-gym specifically designed for young children. In addition to developing their motor skills and stimulating their desire to move, we want to build the bases of their future learning so that they have greater fluency in language, reading, writing, and mathematics.

The innovative Vision approach, a qualified Vision-trained staff, our exclusive educational programs, and stimulating living environments.



Vision Preschool’s emphasis on immersion language teaching allows young children to be immersed in a meaningful world of fun teaching experiences where they are able to learn new languages.

Daily activities and interventions are conducted mainly in English, the immersion language, thus allowing children to be introduced to this new language. The children’s main language is also used in the activities to ensure their vocabulary development. In the USA, considering the double immersion context, both English and Spanish are used equally in daily activities. Finally, children are initiated to a third language through fun, sporadic activities. Early literacy and oral communications are the key priorities of language learning.


At Vision Preschool, children are not limited to learning languages, they live them!

COVID Health and Safety Protocol

Your Child’s Health and Safety During Times of Pandemic and Beyond

Vision Trilingual Preschool is committed to providing an environment that is safe and nurturing, creative and calm; a haven of hope and happiness in a world filled with challenge. We have carefully interwoven both the mandatory and recommended health and safety guidelines from the CDC, Department of Health, and Office of Children and Family Services in a playful and non-stressful manner.


Infant Program – Coming Soon!


Coming soon 2021!

 Our Infant Program is coming soon this year! Contact us for more information regarding the timeline.

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Preschool (2 years old)


Children get to develop their mental representation capacity, a necessary skill that will help them better understand their immediate environment. They learn more and more about everyday life through activities that are significant to them. They get to explore and reflect on their environment through interactions with other children and, of course, the always present educator. Through play, children develop both their personal and social skills.

Preschool (3 & 4 years old)


In this age group, the children’s intuition and knowledge are challenged in order to gradually develop a logical understanding of their environment. That’s why we focus on the participation of the 3 and 4-year olds in reflection and discussion activities where fun is always at the forefront. Socialization is becoming increasingly important, and children are guided to resolve conflicts using different strategies. Interactive reading of stories and pre-writing activities are more and more present.

Kindergarten (5 years old) Coming Soon!


The activities for these children are mostly in English. Five hours a week are reserved for the children’s mother tongue and another three hours are for the third language. The teaching method is adapted to children of this age group and is based on learning through play. In addition to language skills, Vision Preschool focuses on the personal, social, cognitive, and psychomotor development of all its children in order to ensure a quality transition to elementary school.

montessori method

Your Child is in a Safe Environment

If you are looking for a child care multilingual learning center, where a variety of creative and fun learning happens, you have definitely found the right place with Vision Trilingual Preschool!
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