Our Mission

At Vision Preschool, we always keep in mind that children have their own learning rhythm. That’s why we work with them individually on a daily basis to develop their self-esteem, improve their social and motor skills, arouse their enthusiasm towards play, and ultimately expand their knowledge base. The benefits of our multilingual environment as well as the proposed fun and meaningful activities allow for a successful entry by each child into the school world.

Our Educational Approach

The motivation of the child to get involved in proposed activities is assured if these are both meaningful and fun. At Vision Preschool, learning opportunities and questions are used as triggers for meaningful activities since these situations cling to the “world” of children. Also, since Play is both the foundation of children’s development and the vehicle through which they learn, the occasions reserved for symbolic games, construction, creation, exploration and stories are maximized to promote early development.

Vision Preschool educators construct and complexify their children’s logical, linguistic and general knowledge through symbolic games, interactive story reading, rules games, nursery rhymes, and many more stimulating activities.

Finally, we also wish to stimulate the joy of reading since we consider books to be an invaluable source for children to make discoveries.

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Your Child is in a Safe Environment

If you are looking for a child care multilingual learning center, where a variety of creative and fun learning happens, you have definitely found the right place with Vision Trilingual Preschool!
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