Vision Trilingual Preschool is aimed at young children aged 18 months to 5 years old. We also have a school age program with the same curriculum (kindergarten to grade 5).

Three languages are lived daily in our establishment and among these, English is still the language of immersion. The second language, is Spanish, and the third language is French.

In the United States of America, the Vision Preschool establishments expose their children to a double immersion context where both English and Spanish are used equally throughout the day.

At Vision Trilingual Preschool, our facility is equipped with furniture and material specifically adapted to the Vision approach. Thematic activities, workshops, psychomotor development and many other activities that stimulate the children’s imagination are at the heart of our daily activities.

Our facility includes a mini-gym specifically designed for young children. In addition to developing their motor skills and stimulating their desire to move, we want to build the bases of their future learning so that they have greater fluency in language, reading, writing and mathematics.

The innovative Vision approach, a qualified Vision-trained staff, our exclusive educational programs, and stimulating living environments.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you, along with our team. All the staff work hard on a daily basis to provide your children with a warm and stimulating living environment that promotes development and success. By working together with you dear parents, we aim to constantly improve our services and programs.

Concerned about giving children a taste for learning, we will offer them themes and fun activities that will allow them to develop all the facets of their personality in a rich and stimulating environment.

We appreciate your trusting us. You are giving your children a unique chance to open up to the world. They will soon be the most blessed workers and citizens thanks to the education you offer them.

Welcome home, welcome home!

Karyne Bégin

Nathalie Cattaruzzi

Karyne Bégin and Nathalie Cattaruzzi


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Your Child is in a Safe Environment

If you are looking for a child care multilingual learning center, where a variety of creative and fun learning happens, you have definitely found the right place with Vision Trilingual Preschool!
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